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Cards Against Humanity and unorthodox marketing

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are finally over, and the mavericks over at Cards Against Humanity have shown themselves to be the true winners of the season once again. Let’s take a look at their approach to marketing.



Fancy a cosy cuppa? Our Tetley promotion is in the shops now

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

We’ve been working on something a little bit special for the last few months, and we’re excited to announce that it’s just hit the shelves. Tetley asked us to come up with ideas for a free gift they could give away on 160-packs of teabags: something that wouldn’t take up much room, emphasised the ever-popular Tea Folk characters, and fit a fairly tight budget.

Well, as huge tea lovers, we know there’s nothing worse than a cuppa gone cold. So we designed these Tea Folk mug cosies – one each for Tina, Gaffer and Sydney – to keep your tea at optimal drinking temperature even in the nippier winter months.

Here’s how they look:


You’ll find them on packs of Tetley at all good retailers now. We’ll put the kettle on.

Top 5 World Cup marketing controversies

Monday, July 14th, 2014

So after weeks of thrilling football matches, numerous goals and various upsets, the World Cup has finally come to an end. And what an end it was!

This year’s tournament is likely to be remembered for three things: Brazil’s defeat to Germany, Louis Suarez’s hungry mouth, and the injury of Brazil’s star player, Neymar.

As marketers, we’re always interested to see how non-associated brands try to align themselves with one of the biggest events in the world without falling foul of Fifa’s rules. So here’s our rundown of the 5 biggest World Cup marketing controversies in recent history:

5) Neymar and Suarez wear banned Beats headphones: Sony is the official headphone sponsor of the World Cup 2014, with all competing brands of headphones specifically banned by Fifa to protect their investment. This hasn’t stopped stars including Suarez and Neymar flaunting the rules by being seen in their Beats by Dre headphones while travelling, at practice, and even at a press conference. This association with big football stars and breaking the rules is absolutely priceless for Beats, to the detriment of poor old Sony.


4) Kulula breaks the rules: The South African airline challenged Fifa’s anti-ambush marketing rules by running a press campaign referring to itself as the ‘Unofficial National Carrier of the You-Know-What’. Alongside vuvuzelas and stadium imagery, the World Cup inference was clear, and the company received a stern letter from Fifa.


3) Bavaria Beer: During the 2006 World Cup, Bavaria organised a giveaway of thousands of sets of branded lederhosen to Dutch supporters. World Cup officials were less than impressed: supporters were either unceremoniously stripped of their trousers or made to watch the game outside the stadium. Some claimed their human rights were violated.


2) Bavaria Beer strikes again: During the 2010 World Cup, retired footballer and ITV sport pundit Robbie Earle was fired because the seats for Denmark vs Holland game allocated to his family were filled with models dressed in matching orange outfits. It turned out that this was another marketing plot by Bavaria. Fifa were pretty vexed, resulting in the organisers of this stunt being detained by police.


1) Anti-gambling ad backfires: This year, a Singaporean anti-gambling helpline ran an ad showing a little boy hoping Germany wouldn’t win the World Cup:



As luck would have it, of course, Germany did win, somewhat dampening the heart-rending message of the ad. The National Council of Problem Gambling responded by releasing a follow-up version:

changed ad

Good save.

Did we miss any big World Cup marketing controversies? Add them in the comments.

Cracking – we've won an IPM Award for our work on Tetley

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Together founder Jonathan Turner and Account Manager Paul Baird skipped down to London last week, because we’d been invited to the IPM Awards ceremony. Our finger-and-toe-crossing paid off, and we won a bronze award in the Non-Alcoholic Drinks category for our £1.4m ‘Find Sydney’ on-pack promotion for Tetley.


The promotion involved asking consumers to find the missing Tetley Tea Folk character, Sydney, who’d disappeared into a packet of tea. There were 50 prizes of £1,000 for finding him amongst your teabags, and a further £800k of prize money available in the online extension of the game. Supported through TV, outdoor, radio, in-store and social media, our campaign ran across 10 million packs and exceeded sales targets by 260%.


We’ll drink (tea) to that! Well done, everyone.