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Emoji star in McDonalds new campaign (we’re lovin’ it)

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

The emoji bandwagon just keeps a-growin’, so much so that we’ve already dedicated an entire blog post to the rise of them! Now that McDonalds have jumped aboard, we can barely turn a corner without seeing our favourite brightly-coloured friends.

Instead of adorning our tweets and texts, these emoji are letting us know how to improve any sticky situation: by having a McDonald’s, of course.


Together’s Monday Musings

Monday, July 6th, 2015


What better way to kick off your week than with a small helping of inspiration? Each Monday we’ll be collecting together some of our favourite or most talked about things from the week before, as chosen by the Together team.

Here’s our latest roundup of thoughts, inspiration and ideas. 


Women's Aid raises awareness with interactive advertising

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

We posted recently about the effectiveness of interactive billboards, and this latest concept by Women’s Aid is one of the most powerful examples we’ve seen.

Screen shot 2015-03-06 at 15.21.56

Launched in time for International Women’s Day, the billboard shows that the best way to begin helping those who might be suffering from domestic abuse is to start paying attention.

It features the badly bruised face of a woman with the caption ‘Look at me’. As passers-by look up at the woman’s face, facial recognition technology captures their glance and the bruises slowly begin to heal in response. As more people notice the board, the bruises continue to heal.

Interactive technology is ideal for this kind of campaign; by implicating the audience in the way the advert actually works, they’re instantly drawn into the subject for which it’s raising awareness. It forces the public to consider the consequences of their actions, as the effects of their behaviour are played out as part of the ad.

In this case, each individual is encouraged to think about the impact they personally could have on someone who needs support, and further, to what extent they could be guilty of ignoring or avoiding the subject of an all too common problem.

It’s brilliant – and inspiring – to see organisations using International Women’s Day as an opportunity to truly raise awareness of such important issues. For us, advertising isn’t always about selling – sometimes, it’s just about making people think.

Womens Aid

To help support and encourage all of the great work that Women’s Aid do, simply visit

Less billbored, more brillboard

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

The great outdoors. That’s just for posters, billboards and, well, trees and stuff – right?

A-ho no. Wrong. Well, sort of. Clear Channel UK – one of the biggest of cheeses in the outdoor advertising department – recently announced that its increasingly using tech to make its outdoor advertising spaces more interactive. This comes after more and more brands have turned to innovative digital billboards to create active and engaging content.

Yep, turns out that flipping a traditional medium on its head and totally superseding the expectations of passers-by is a pretty great way of grabbing attention.

So, forget those static, peeling billboards of the past and take a look at a few of our favourite tech/outdoor mashups.


Virgin Trains’ chatty billboard

In 2009 this genius idea by Elvis took over the screen outside Liverpool Station – the largest digital screen in Europe – to promote Virgin’s new, super-quick service to London.

To update the screen Elvis popped a copywriter in a cafe opposite, who used a custom web application to write live comments addressing the public and point at them with a giant cursor. Clever and hilarious.


Apotek’s/Garbergs’ motion sensor

Last year the Swedish advertising agency Garbergs used an existing idea by Apotek to convey a devastating message.

Garbergs’ ad, on behalf of The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, was much the same as Apotek’s in look, colour and tech – but with a shocking twist and a huge impact. We won’t spoil it for you; give the video a watch and see what happens.


British Airways’ ‘Magic of Flying’ campaign

Using a very complicated, ingenious and, ultimately, award-winning process, in 2013 British Airways launched a series of pretty magical billboards that, with the help of some adorable children, pointed out planes (as well as accurate flight information) as they flew past.

The effect was really impressive. The campaign encouraged passers-by to look up, reminded them of the ‘magic of flying’ and engaged with our natural tendency to wonder about what’s flying past.


These ads really give us a taste for trying new things and innovating with our work. Even if a digital billboard isn’t something we would necessarily do, the concept itself pushes agencies to go against the grain and invent new ideas.

We’re hoping to see more and more cool stuff like this as brands continue to jump on the digital billboard bandwagon. Seen something even better? Let us know in the comments below!