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Why every day should be a little more April Fools

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

There’s been a lot of whining on Twitter this morning because it’s April Fools’ Day, and you can’t trust anything you read.



And yes, there’s a lot of branded stuff going about, a lot of it unfunny (has everyone forgotten that April Fools are supposed to be at least a little bit believable?) – but we’ve noticed something else, too. A wealth of creativity you just don’t see the rest of the year.

The limitlessness of the April Fools brief seems to lead to striking ideas that you wouldn’t dare suggest otherwise. Take this from Firebox, for example:



“Cocoa, is it me you’re looking for?”

It is, of course, completely ridiculous. But it’s also pretty brilliant and we’re willing to bet that if it wasn’t life-size and priced at £500, it’d sell.

Or this, from Corona:


Not exactly necessary, but a sweet gimmick that would set Corona apart from other summer beers. 

Some of the invented products are less appealing – like Flormite, the unholy alliance of Flora and Marmite:


Or Tetley’s biscuit-flavoured tea, which puts us in mind of the manky dregs you get when you dropped half a biccie in your cuppa:


But sometimes, an April Fools product creates so much demand that it gets made into a real one. ThinkGeek has made several of their fake products into real ones, including Unicorn Meat (pictured as a kind of sparkly spam, but actually a can with a dismembered unicorn plushie inside):


April Fools gives brands the ideal platform to try out an off-the-wall idea and see how the public responds. And if they hate it, well, it was only a joke, right?