Brands reacted to Pi Day exactly as you’d expect

March 14th, 2016 / Leigh Campbell

If there’s one thing we know that brands love, it’s declaring that seemingly random days of the year are actually bursting with significance. Today is one such an event, with the internet exploding in support of Pi Day.

Backed up by the logic that the first three digits of pi are 3.14, and, in America at least, the fourteenth of March is written as 3.14, brands haven’t wasted a minute in celebrating.

Despite the mathematical decimal placement having nothing to do with the sweet (or savoury) baked treat, the first thing you’ll notice about Pi Day on social media is lots and lots of pie.


But not all brands banked on pulling in the favourites with photos of delicious pie-based goodness. Below are three of our favourite Pi Day tweets so far.

BBC Three

Keeping it simple and relevant, BBC Three didn’t attempt anything too fancy in honour of Pi Day. Instead, they settled for a clever change of name.


Coca-Cola went for a more brand-related push, letting their followers know that their drink is the supplier of #EndlessAHH. Coupled with a fun image that, refreshingly, has nothing to do with pie, Coca-Cola pulled in a cool 300+ likes.


Pizza Hut

This Pi Day, Pizza Hut have decided to give back to their followers by offering the chance to win free pizza for 3.14 years. That’s one competition we’d definitely be up for winning. 

  Ultimately, we’re just feeling kind of hungry. Anyone for pie? 

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