The SuperBowl and Social Media

March 1st, 2016 / Leigh Campbell

Brands and celebrities alike jumped onto the SuperBowl 50 hype this year. Across social media, everyone viewed it as an opportunity not to be missed. Even Betty White, everybody’s favourite lady, got in on the game.

But tweet upon tweet about how #fierce Beyonce was in the halftime show aside, the real winners of the SuperBowl 50 social media game were the brands. 

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Doritos was our first port of call when rounding up the #SB50 successes. Their Crash the Super Bowl videos racked in the retweets, and there has been non-stop conversation about their controversial, and kind of weird, Doritos Baby spot.

Not only did Doritos promote their own content via Twitter, they made great use of the Periscope app to stream the live event out to their followers. A large chunk of their Twitter time was dedicated to interacting with fan and offering up the opportunity to win a years worth of Doritos. They even hired places to draw out Dorito-shaped clouds in the sky.

Another top player of the night was Esurance, who’s tried and tested method of giving away $1 million dollars isn’t exactly creative, but it sure does work. With other 19,000 retweets in their pocket, maybe striving to be the most creative isn’t the best tactic.

Unfortunately, the SuperBowl didn’t bode well for everyone, and especially not for Red Lobster. The chain has been inundated with ridicule after people were kept waiting for 8 hours, anticipating their response to a name drop in Beyonce’s newest single, Formation. The opportunity for them to engage with Bey’s legion of fans was well and truly missed when they eventually responded with this lacklustre tweet, making them the laughing stock of the SuperBowl. xoNecole had the response we were all thinking…

We’re already excited to see what wacky, weird, and wonderful advertisements next years SuperBowl will bring us. As long as it’s not the PuppyMonkeyBaby, we’ll be happy.

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