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March 1st, 2016 / Leigh Campbell

For the past few months, we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Helen Burnett – an account manager with an affinity for comfy jumpers and a history of 12 years in a client-side role (before she came to join our lovely agency). We picked her brain for some advice for agencies when dealing with their clients.

  1. Time & CostsSometimes it’s difficult for clients to realise the amount of time a task actually takes, and as a result, billing amounts can seem a bit “out there”. I’d encourage agencies to get their clients in to see how they work and to get a true sense of how much time everything takes, as well as helping them to understand the agency culture.
  2. Continuity is KeyIt’s incredibly frustrating as a client to speak to someone about something and then the next day to be told that it’s now being handled by somebody else. You also need string version controls to ensure that, even if it’s not dealt with by the same person, the project continuity is maintained.
  3. StrategyYour client will have a business strategy in which marketing will play a part. Get on board with their strategy, be a part of it, and provide regular updates. Be proactive – not reactive! We’re the professionals, so don’t be shy in making recommendations, but always follow them up.
  4. RelationshipKeep your clients close – attend their regular marketing meetings, celebrate their wins, and work with them to understand why losses may have happened. See yourself as an extension of their marketing team, and be as passionate about their brand as they are!
  5. Hiring StaffDon’t automatically exclude candidates that don’t have any agency experience. Not hiring someone on the basis that they only have client-side experience is a missed opportunity. They can give you a whole new perspective and keep things fresh. They can also give you insight into what a client is thinking, whether they’re engaged or not, and give you a different way to get your creativity across.


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