5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

February 1st, 2016 / Leigh Campbell

2016 is well and truly underway, and every year there are new ideas about what’s going to shape digital marketing this time around. These new trends line up, ready for the big refresh button in the sky to be hit so that they might begin their work. Here are just a few of some of the developments looking to make a splash in 2016.


Humanising technology

Also known as robo-branding, this is set to make waves in 2016. Making technology personable is by no means a modern invention – Microsoft’s paperclip and the character of Jeeves from Ask Jeeves carry the same sentiment.

The aim of businesses now, especially digital businesses, is to infuse emotion into their work. The use of emojis helps to bring a more personal connection. For marketers, it creates the push needed to carry on making innovative platforms that are natural and relatable for consumers to engage with.

Push marketing

When digital marketing first started to form into a viable business, the way to get anyone’s attention was with push marketing. One of the main avenues of push marketing was email campaigns, sent out to email lists that had either been organically curated or bought.

As time progressed, it became less about push marketing and more about pull, or ‘inbound marketing’. Using quality content, building up strong SEO, and promoting your brand across social media became the way to draw people toward your website.

While this process has been successful, 2016 may see shifts back toward push marketing, primarily by way of mobile notifications. There’s a strong correlation between people who are bored, and people who check their phones frequently. If a push notification comes through from an app such as BuzzFeed, anyone who is bored is likely to swipe across to open the app and see what’s happening.


It’s hardly ground-breaking news that mobile is kind of a big thing in the digital world. Over the past few years, more and more businesses have cottoned on to the idea that to have a successful website, it needs to be optimised for mobile. This isn’t news to anyone, but it is a big deal because, really, mobile is king. More searches take place on mobile devices than on desktop, and half a billion people access Facebook through their phones alone.

For 2016, businesses should be focusing on their mobile experience to ensure that their consumers are impressed, and aren’t left wanting.

Content marketing

When content marketing began to be recognised as an organic way to drive consumers to websites, it seems that everyone and their aunt took to it like a moth to a flame. Content was springing up everywhere, but unfortunately, that content wasn’t always relevant. Businesses began writing content for the sake of it, instead of with the intent to be helpful to their readers.

Hopefully, 2016 will see a rise in people writing content that is relevant and actually useful to their consumers.

Digital meets physical

2015 saw the beginnings of a partnership between the digital and physical worlds. Examples such as the Amazon Bookshop and the Evernote and Moleskine collaboration show that digital and physical have been coming together for some time. This is a trend that will continue into 2016 and beyond, as companies strive to connect to consumers on every wavelength possible.


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