And they all lived #HealthierEverAfter…

January 26th, 2016 / Leigh Campbell

At the start of January, Disney took a step to prove that it has the best interests of children and families at heart with its #HealthilyEverAfter campaign. 


Their aim is to inspire children and parents alike to get active and eat healthier. How? By having their favourite characters leading the way!

The advert, targeted at mums, uses clips of some of Disney’s most influential characters. They are shown running, climbing, swimming, dancing, eating fruit, and cooking healthy meals. Everyone from Elsa to Sully, Merida to Baloo, and Ariel to Remy contribute to promoting a healthy lifestyle for families all around.

We think Disney’s efforts to make exercise and healthy eating fun and easy are fantastic! What are you thoughts on the campaign?

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