5 ways to beat down creativity blocks

November 27th, 2015 / Sophie Allen

Uh oh. Idea block has struck again – but don’t let that ol’ psychological barrier hold you back! Here are some easy ways to jump start your creative engine.


Generating idea after idea after idea can be absolutely exhausting. When we’re working on concepts over at Together, it usually involves Anil and I locking ourselves in the boardroom and refusing to come out until we’ve come up with something great – and depending on the brief, it can sometimes take hours (or even days!).

Unfortunately, sometimes your creative juices just run out. If that happens to you, don’t bang your head against the wall – try our tips to beat down those creativity blocks.

1. Change your scenery

Staring at the same four walls four hours on end can really sap your creativity, so grab your coat and head out. We pick up our notebooks and walk over to 200 Degrees to grab a drink, and by the time we leave we usually have a few corking ideas to go with our coffee jitters. Probably helps that coffee shop ambience supposedly boosts your brainpower.

2. Ask questions

If you can’t come up with anything, grill the person you’re working with. What do they picture when you prompt them? When you say x, what’s the first thing that pops into their head? If you’re working alone try questioning yourself. It might help you look at things differently.

3. Have breaks

Honestly? Solidly working on ideas for hours on end will make you go crazy. Don’t worry about losing time through taking breaks; you’d only spend it staring at walls anyway. Stretch your legs, go and make a cup of tea or allow yourself ten minutes to read an article online. Refresh and revisit.

4. Gather inspiration

When you find yourself stuck, start exploring what’s already out there. Watch a few videos, visit your favourite websites and do a little reading. You’d be surprised what can help to get those cogs rolling.

5. Treats! 

We’re firm believers in treating yourself. Reward your little victories, whether that’s allowing yourself a sitcom-style high five when you finally come up with something cool (we do that) or treating yourself to a hot choc when you’re done for the day. Keep yourself sweet and you’ll find yourself more motivated and less easily distracted next time you start work.

Creative stuff isn’t always easy, whether you’re trying to come up with a new concept or campaign or you’re just trying to write a headline, so we hope these tips help to get you going next time you grind to a halt.

We’ll leave you with an instalment of the ever terrifying Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared, this time on the terrible dangers of being too creative. So be warned: use these tips with caution.

Do you have any sure fire ways to beat creative block? Let us know! 

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