So this is Christmas – celebrities, loneliness, and cats

November 18th, 2015 / Leigh Campbell

Well, Christmas has been and gone, and now… Pardon? What do you mean it’s not even December yet?


Each year, the start of November marks the countdown to the most highly anticipated event of the festive season: the Christmas adverts. After last years Monty the Penguin, and the year before’s Bear and the Hare, the John Lewis ad was the most highly anticipated of all. It’s not surprising, then, that their Man on the Moon advert left viewers with weepy eyes and full hearts after JL teamed up with Age UK to tell the story an elderly man who lives in solitude on the moon.

However, there have been some serious contenders in the flurry of 2015 Christmas adverts. From being taught by Jeff Goldblum how to act your way through receiving a bad present to watching as a cat inadvertently sets its home alight, here is a run-down of our favourite Christmas adverts this year.

John Lewis – The Man on the Moon

Currys – Spare the Act

Sainsbury’s – Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Lidl – The Lidl School of Christmas

Aldi – #AldiFavouriteThings

Harvey Nichols – #GiftFace

Do you have a favourite that we’ve missed off the list? Let us know what Christmas ad has left your heart tingling and your feet itching to race to the shops!

To hear what one of our company partners has to say on the topic of Christmas advertising, listen to his interview with BBC Nottingham here!

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