JT talks Christmas on BBC Radio Nottingham

November 10th, 2015 / Sophie Allen

There are loads of things about Christmas we love – admittedly, most of it related to food – but one of the best things in the advertising business this time of year is all the discussion around Christmas ads.

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Christmas is a huge time of year for popular brands like John Lewis, M&S and Boots, and the most creative Christmas ads gain a lot of engagement on social media.

The John Lewis ad in particular is bordering upon becoming a miniature cinematic event; the brand this year led a countdown to the launch of their ad ‘The Man on the Moon’, which with over ten million views has now become its most-watched so far.

Yesterday BBC Radio Nottingham opened a wider conversation about seasonal advertising and how it works, asking the public how they feel about the festive commercial onslaught and whether it actually does affect the way they shop.

Needing an expert on board they asked one of our company partners, Jonathan (or as we know him, JT) to pop in and share his experiences of festive advertising.

Click here and skip to 1:23:50 to hear JT talking about everything from when brands begin campaigning to his own thoughts on the latest John Lewis ad – and how it could impact people’s buying habits. Great job, JT!

What do you think of Christmas advertising? Does it affect the way you buy?

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