4 reasons to love Canva

November 3rd, 2015 / Leigh Campbell

We have some pretty fab Graphic Designers and Creative Artworkers in our office, but seeing as they’re doing their jobs, they don’t have the time to knock up images for us social media folk. Instead, we have found a friend in Canva, a free website that helps us create blog photos like this one with maximum ease.


Since using Canva to create the images for our blog and social pages, we’ve fallen in love! We think that you deserve to experience this too, which is why we’ve put together these four reasons to love Canva.

  1. It’s free! Amazingly, Canva have put together all of this brilliant software that lets you create custom images using your own designs of their pre-made templates, and they’re nice enough to give it to us for nothing at all. There are some more advanced images and templates that require a small fee, but even without them you can make images that look great.
  2. It’s easy! The image above might not be the most sophisticated you’ve ever seen, but it’s clean, clear, and it was incredibly easy to make. All we had to do was choose the image size, search the image tool for the Canva logo and a heart, and choose our font – simple!
  3. It’s great for consistency! Canva includes the ability to copy images and backgrounds again and again, meaning that if you’re creating something for a brand that requires a specific background, you don’t have to spend your time making sure everything looks exactly the same in every one. All you have to do is click the handy ‘copy’ button and hey presto!
  4. Images are key! It’s not a secret that posts on social media that include an image receive higher engagement than those that don’t. Canva makes it easy to connect with your audienceĀ and look good while you’re at it, by helping you to create images that are exactly what you want them to be.

If you’re wondering why you’re not on Canva right this second, sign up here.

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