Pernod Ricard plan for e-commerce domination

September 18th, 2015 / Leigh Campbell

Pernod Ricard have announced plans to develop their relationships with e-commerce, a space they say has yet to be dominated by any other drinks competitors.


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We love it when the people we’ve worked with announce plans for world e-commerce domination, and that’s exactly what Pernod Ricard have done recently.

While their e-commerce ties with online giants such as Amazon, as well as partnerships with household names such as ASDA and Tesco, remain strong, Pernod Ricard are planning to expand even further. Their belief is that by working and collaborating with online retailers, their own e-commerce sales will be stimulated.

At the moment, the majority of alcohol sales are made in store as opposed to online. This trend will be battled by Pernod Ricard increasingly producing quality content that generates conversation. They will also work to make sure customers are aware of their e-commerce spaces, in the hopes of driving them toward the sites and making their purchases there as a result.

One way that Pernod Ricard are hoping to boost their e-commerce sales is by leaving behind the standard way of advertising alcohol, which is by category. Instead, they want to focus on promoting their brands dependent on occasion.

This will make it easier for customers to identify which brand will fit with their lifestyle, and will give Pernod Ricard a chance to create an experience for their customers when they shop online.

We’re excited to see what Pernod Ricard have in store (well, online) for the future! What do you think of Pernod Ricard using their e-commerce spaces to promote occasions?

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