Emoji star in McDonalds new campaign (we’re lovin’ it)

August 19th, 2015 / Leigh Campbell

The emoji bandwagon just keeps a-growin’, so much so that we’ve already dedicated an entire blog post to the rise of them! Now that McDonalds have jumped aboard, we can barely turn a corner without seeing our favourite brightly-coloured friends.

Instead of adorning our tweets and texts, these emoji are letting us know how to improve any sticky situation: by having a McDonald’s, of course.

mcdonalds emoji campaign

Last week, McDonalds upped their campaign a dimension with the release of their advert for McDonald’s France. In the advert, a variety of 3D emoji people undertake a series of regular life activities. From taking a driving test to taking a selfie, all of our emoji friends end up having a swell old time in McDonalds.


Their tagline – ‘venez comme vous êtes’, translating to ‘come as you are’ – indicates that whatever emoji you may be, whether it’s kissing face or sunglasses emoji, McDonald’s is happy to have you.

We think that McDonalds tapping into the popularity of emoji is a smart move, but not everyone agrees. The opinion of one British graffiti artist certainly didn’t match ours, as they demonstrated on one billboard in Bristol.


So, are you for or against Mcdonalds emoji campaign? Let us know your thoughts!

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