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August 17th, 2015 / Sophie Allen


What’s that? No, you forgot to write last week’s Musings!

Either way, we’re back and we’re musing this week with thoughts on innovative packaging, yet another awesome video by Old Spice, and a spotlight on Bethesda’s promotional game Fallout Shelter.

1) KFC

While we were browsing the internet on Friday, we came across this ingenious little news nugget: KFC has re-designed their iconic bucket and now it prints out your selfies. The memory bucket has been created in celebration of KFC’s 60th birthday in Canada, so it’s only going to be available over there – but still, pretty cool huh?

2) Old Spice

Let’s face it, everything the team at Old Spice do could make our list. They’ve been smashing their marketing ever since The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, and a couple of weeks ago launched a choose your own adventure Instagram campaign, an extremely smart take on the platform’s tagging mechanisms.

I tried it. I ended up married to an alien. :(

I tried it. I ended up married to an alien. 🙁

Today they’ve pushed out another of their rib-tickling ads, featuring the infamous Old Spice Guy alongside comedy favourite (and Old Spice Guy’s nemesis) Terry Crews. It’s hard to choose my favourite part; I’m torn between the creepy effects, the line ‘Make a smellmitment’, and Terry’s intimidating abs.

3) Fallout Shelter


Yes, yes, it’s a mobile video game – stick with us. Fallout Shelter launched on Android on Thursday, having already launched back in June on Apple, and while it’s super addictive and awesome that’s not (quite) why it’s made the list.

With millions of plays globally so far, it’s a very clever – and successful – marketing tool for the game Fallout 4, due to launch globally in November. In fact, it’s that clever we need more space to write about it, so we’ll be posting a blog all about it later this week.

And on the blog…
We wondered whether Tinder’s much publicised meltdown was actually a publicity stunt
and shared four easy tips that’ll help you improve your copy.

Okay, that’s enough of that. We’ve got work to do. Don’t forget we’re still after a new Social Media Manager; check out the job description if you’re interested. Look out for posts later this week on Fallout Shelter and yet more emoji news! 

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