Together’s Monday Musings

August 3rd, 2015 / Sophie Allen


It’s that time again!

Now I’ve enjoyed today’s Monday mocha, which I buy every Monday morning from Cafe Nero entirely because it’s alliterative, it’s time for some musings.

So sit back, read up on what’s hot in Together HQ, and let your fondly remembered weekend slip slowly away.

1) Owl John, a.k.a Scott Hutchinson

Scott Hutchinson is one of our office favourites. Not only is he the frontman of Frightened Rabbit, but he’s a trained artist who’s now branching out into selling his work, having illustrated various bits and pieces for years. In his series of eccentric, beardy prints we love the contrast between soft, smudgy faces and bright, geometric patterns.

If all that wasn’t enough he’s also a bitingly funny writer and a decent soul, having recently turned an internet troll’s bewildering comments into a campaign to fight online bullying. Do we wish we were him? Yes.

2) Art & Copy


Under the guidance of our new creative leader, Anil, we’ve started tuning in for weekly lunchtime lectures (and noodles are occasionally provided). In our first session on Friday we watched the first half hour of Art & Copy, a brilliant documentary on advertising.

It’s a really interesting insight into how advertising has involved since what was arguably its heyday, and definitely got us thinking about whether or not advertising today could be considered conservative. We’ll be watching the rest this week, but can already say it’s worth a look.

3) 360 video 

Our resident musician Dave showed us all this immersive new music video by Foals, and it’s super impressive. It was filmed entirely with GoPro cameras and uses GoPro Virtual Reality technology. Open ‘er up in Google Chrome and you can use your mouse or keyboard to interact with the set as the band plays. Really cool.

On the blog

We posted some wise advice about where to find your target audience on social media

and looked at the evolution of emoji over the past few months.

And don’t forget

We’re still on the lookout for a new social media manager! Take a look at the job description or drop us a line to find out more.


Right, that’ll do. It’s time to crack on with the schedule, but look out for a post later this week on how to avoid failing at social media. It’s a good’un!

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