How Emoji has evolved

July 31st, 2015 / Leigh Campbell

In a world where pretty much everyone has a smartphone, emojis have essentially become a second language.

While the original emojis have been up and running since 1999 in Japan, their rise in popularity can be pinned down to their 2011 inclusion in Apple’s iOS system.

Since then, emoji have continued to break barriers and become used by people and businesses alike, with everyone having their favourite one.

We can’t lie, we’re fascinated with these little images in our phones, and we couldn’t help but make this blog post detailing some of the coolest things that have been done with emoji.

4th July, 2015

Matthew Rothenberg brought the world emojitracker, a website that allows you to track emoji use on Twitter in real time, and by clicking on the emoji, you can see the tweets that are including them. The winner by far is the classic ‘crying with laughter face’.

emoji tracker 2015


8th April, 2015

With the release of Apple’s iOS 8.3 came the long-awaited updated emoji keyboard, the main feature of which was the newly diverse range of skin tones. Instead of exclusively white-skinned people, emoji now features a range of five skin tones for each character, whether they’re getting married or rowing a boat.

Also released was a series of same-sex couples holding hands and kissing, as well as same-sex families.



9th July, 2015

Earlier this month, Eric Nakagawa created the marvel that is linkmoji in about an hour. Simply write in any link at all, click the button and watch it transform into a string of emoji – amazing!


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 16.41.31

23 July, 2015

It’s recently been announced that after a furious bidding contest between Sony, Warner Bros, and Paramount, Sony has come out on top for securing the rights to an emoji movie. It will apparently feature the smiling, winking, and unhappy emoji as the central characters. Personally, we can’t wait to see if the smiling poop makes an appearance!



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