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July 27th, 2015 / Sophie Allen


Ah, hello again, Monday! It’s a brand new week, and while everyone drowns themselves in caffeine here’s our weekly rundown of the most talked about stuff in Together HQ.

1) McVitie’s Breakfast buzz

It’s testament to the power of the sponsored Twitter ad that so many of our Monday musings come from the stuff that’s popped up on our feeds.

Anyway, we love this clever little social campaign by McVitie’s to promote their new Oaty Breaks. Using a video showing their analysis of the UK’s morning moods they really clearly set up the new product’s nature as a breakfast eat – and it looks great, too.

Though after Thursday’s work night out to celebrate our Steph’s imminent wedding, we reckon our Friday morning mood was less #stressed or #hungry and more #whydidweparty, #noreallywhy and #sendhelp.

2) Linkmoji



Everyone with a phone and teenage (or tweenage) relatives knows that emoji are a pretty big deal. Personally, I use roughly three different emojis to convey my clearly vast range of emotions, but everyone else seems pretty adept at using them as a whole new form of communication.

Of course, that means brands are trying hard to get on board – some have even tried making their own – but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

This week we discovered Linkmoji, which turns ‘any link into emoji’, and turns out it’s great for a little weekday procrastination. Obviously it only works on mobile devices, so give it a go when you get bored of today’s admin!

3) Pooface

Jen shared Pampers’ new campaign with us earlier this week, and we loved it – probably because we have a fair few parents of currently or formerly poopy babies in the team.

It’s beautifully shot, seriously chuckleworthy and the accompanying ads are equally adorable. Oh, and the campaign is literally called Pooface. Pooface. What more is there to say? Enjoy the confusingly gross yet adorable experience of watching lots of babies go from ‘cute’ to ‘poopy mess’ in under 10 seconds.

And some additional BIG NEWS 

Social Media Manager

Sorry to use caps. It really does go against everything I believe in as a copywriter (though I did refrain from exclamation marks) but this is huge stuff if you’re planning your next career move.

The big news last week is that we’re looking for a new social media manager. Take a look at the job description, and if you reckon you’re the person for the post get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you!

That’s all for this week! Don’t forget to take a look at our social media manager job opening, and if you’re looking for more career related stuff check out our tips for gaining experience and becoming a copywriter. Right, we’d better get to work – and so had you. Go on. Get! 

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