Together’s Monday Musings

July 20th, 2015 / Sophie Allen


Hello, Monday, we see you’ve come round once again. Not to worry though, we have a fresh new batch of Monday musings to enchant you.

1) National Lottery’s #PleaseNotThem

In this cheeky collection of ads by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, Piers Morgan and Katie Price acknowledge everyone hates them while simultaneously forcing people into buying a Lottery ticket, just to stop them from winning. We love the line ‘Anyone can win with Lotto. Please, don’t let it be him,’ and Piers’ pier is truly creepy. Nice one, National Lottery – colour us persuaded.

2) Emanuele Colombo

While gathering inspiration for one of our current projects, our new creative director Anil showed us the work of illustrator and animator Emanuele Colombo – and we’re hooked! The above is an example of his work from a few years back, so check out Emanuele’s Instagram for more quick, cute cartoons.

3) Ant-Man 

Ant Man Avengers Poster

This week, there’s a new superhero on the block. We couldn’t help but applaud the very clever promotional posters for Marvel’s newest release, Ant-Man, which use images of their most well-known heroes to grab attention for their latest. For those of you venturing to your nearest cinema to watch the action this week, we can confirm that there are two after-credits scenes!

And in other news…

Anil Nataly, our creative director, has joined the team! He started last week and is already hard at work on a big project. When he manages to grab three seconds to breathe, we’ll tell you all about him right here on the blog.

That’s all for this Monday, folks! If you’re hankering for more reading material, take a look at our posts on how to crack into copywriting and how to become an intern.

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