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July 13th, 2015 / Sophie Allen


Ah, another week has flown by! To distract yourself from time that just keeps on tick, tick, ticking away, why not take five of those precious minutes and read today’s musings?

Here’s what we were chatting about in Together HQ last week.

1) Twitter users in charge of ad break


We love this clever amalgamation of a publicity stunt, social engagement and the classic TV ad break. In a promotional stunt for a band’s latest album, Twitter users are able to tweet a hashtag to choose a video and, every 30 seconds, the most tweeted tag will cause the video to change during an ad break on Channel 4.

It’s such a creative way of using social as part of a promotion and, because it’s so innovative, has turned into a well publicised TV event. We’ll definitely think a little differently about social in future.

2) Song of the Sea

Our Dave is getting a serious case of the inferiorities over stunning animated film Song of the Sea. The design is absolutely beautiful, and we’re already dying to see it in the cinema. Who cares if it’s for kids?

3) Air Asia print ad

Screen-Shot-2015-06-23-at-12.31.16-pmWe spotted this over on the Twitter of our old copywriter, Andy Boulton. Designed like a calendar, this clever ad shows everyone flocking to Phuket over the weekends and leaving an exclusive paradise during the week, followed up with the line ‘Phuket is even better on weekdays’. Super simple, super smart, and super making us wish we had holidays booked.

4) #tubestrike

We nabbed this TomTom image from Wired. Look at it. The horror!

We nabbed this TomTom image from Wired. Look at it. The horror!

Last week’s tube strike hit social media hard, as brands took advantage of extended commuter times and general chaos to grab the attention of users.

Plus, it made all of us feel pretty smug for choosing life outside the big city. Can I get a cheer for 10 minute commutes?

That’s all for now. Look out for some more news later this week – we’ve new clients to report! 

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