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Our work: Licor 43 global launch!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

You might’ve read a little while ago that we were working on some really exciting projects with Licor 43, a global liqueur brand based in Cartagena, Spain.

Well, the biggest chunk of that work has now come to fruition. We’ve just launched their brand new global website, plus local sites for Germany and the Netherlands.

Screen shot 2015-06-25 at 10.11.50

In the development of the sites we set ourselves a few challenges: we wanted to create a design that was easy to use, with information that could be found quickly and organised using filters. We also wanted to build a recognisable tone of voice and combine this with beautiful images that’d set users’ mouths watering.

Screen shot 2015-06-25 at 10.13.36

So, did we manage it? Take a peep at their global site and see what you think!

We’re really chuffed with what we’ve done so far- but our work with Licor 43 is far from over. Keep an eye on the blog for news about our work on their social media strategy, as well as exciting updates to the sites.

The Together Pantone party!

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Since moving into our new digs on Bridlesmith Gate back in March we’ve been working hard to make it absolutely perfect, adding a glass-walled boardroom, social media pod, digital testing centre, and even a mock shopping area where clients can see how their products will look on the shelf.


It’s been a long time coming, but with the work on HQ finally complete – it was time to celebrate. And we did it in style, with a Pantone-themed studio warming party complete with canapes, local beer and plenty of Prosecco.

Our Dave even brought along his band, Lacey, to perform an exclusive acoustic set as our clients and suppliers mingled, nibbled on mini burgers and had their glasses topped up by the wonderful team from Jose Raines Catering.


11406691_1007448875955301_4576728840005938474_o 11222102_1007448392622016_6184782443294310370_o

If it’s alright for us to say so we reckon it was a pretty brilliant night (and by the looks of it, some of us were paying for all those bubbles the morning after). Thanks so much to everyone who came, some from even as far as Oxford, just to help us settle into our new home.


If you came along, see if you can spot yourself in our Facebook gallery – and if you didn’t (booo!) why not have a little browse to find out what you missed?

We threw a Pantone-themed Together get together to warm up our new HQ.

Posted by Together Agency on Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why Channel 4’s Humans is a record-breaking success

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Channel 4’s new original drama Humans premiered on Sunday night to a viewership of 4 million. For anyone who’s not so up on their TV statistics, that’s the highest-rated launch of any of Channel 4’s original dramas since records began. Not too shabby, in our opinion.

This surge in ratings got us wondering exactly what the team behind Humans had been up to in order to hook the interest of so many people. We took to the internet to have a poke around and discovered one of our favourite advertising campaigns of the year so far.

We’re sure that we weren’t the only ones who caught the advert for Persona Synthetics. You might have noticed that there was no mention of an actor throughout the advert. You might also have noticed that you didn’t have a clue it was an advert for a TV show until the end. In fact, the advert for the fictional company was so convincing that hoards of people took to Google to see whether it was real.

Humans Channel 4 Twitter Persona Synthetics

Image from @LizLonsdale_ on Twitter

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, watch the video below.

Just from the advert, our interest was piqued. But any good marketing team knows that online is the place to be. Humans certainly didn’t miss a trick with their fabricated eBay pages offering the chance for customers to buy their own Persona Synthetic for £20,000,000. Over 200,000 people viewed the product pages for Sally and Charlie over 72 hours (though we’re not sure how many people actually tried to buy one…)

Humans Channel 4 Persona Synthetics eBay

The Humans team continued with their online campaign, creating a fully-functional website for Persona Synthetics, alongside Twitter and Facebook accounts for the business. The website gave you the technical information for the Synths, such as their 4CX-CNS neural processors, while the Twitter and Facebook advertise features such as their “Adult Only” package, and the information that they are soon to be opening stores in Tokyo, Shanghai, and New York City.

Persona Synthetics New Store Twitter Humans

Image courtesy of @PersonaSynth on Twitter

Persona Synthetics Facebook

Image courtesty of Persona Synthetics on Facebook

If the hype wasn’t already sufficiently built, it was when they transformed the front of a Regent Street store into a Persona Synthetics outlet. The storefront utilized interactive screens to engage with passersby and encourage them to design their own Synth.

Persona Synthetics Regent Street Humans

Did you happen to see anyone carting people around the London streets in the run-up to the Humans release? Yep, they were Persona employees, and those ‘people’ were Synths.

Persona Synthetics Humans

The spike in Channel 4’s stats does not surprise us. A marketing and advertising team this dedicated campaign obviously know what they’re doing, and the numbers prove that their campaign was a huge success.

Were you one of the 4 million who tuned in to the Humans premiere? Let us know what you thought of it – and what you thought of its marketing campaign!

Dove does Dads

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Father’s Day has just happened and businesses everywhere were going crazy with offers, promotions, and discounts that would let your dad know that you appreciate him. Everywhere from Tesco and Boots to Jack Wills and Twinings Tea is capitalizing on how much you love your old man.

Whether they were offering up a classic cuppa, a cosy pair of socks, a hamper of Old Spice, or a discount on beer, the message is clear: your dad cares about you, and he deserves a treat.

Father's Day Jack Wills

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 14.35.03

Dove have just entered the Father’s Day arena with a video that has warmed the very cockles of our hearts. Their advert for Dove Men+Care doesn’t mention a thing about the most important date in any dad’s social calendar, and it doesn’t mention any of their products. They seem to have completely ignored the ‘he deserves a treat’ half of the above statement, and focused instead on the first half.

For Father’s Day, Dove want to let the world know that men care, and that showing how much you love your kids doesn’t take away from your masculinity. With a slogan that states ‘Care Makes A Man Stronger’, they’re targeting the thing that men care about most. No, not their cars, and no, not their darts team. Dads care about their kids, and Dove are tired of the stigma that showing love makes you weak in some way.

Dove Men Care Father's Day

The video follows the stories of 13 different men in their ‘First Fatherhood’ moment – finding out that they’re going to have a child. Across the world, Dove have documented these men dropping what they’re holding, going slack-jawed with shock, and asking if they’re being lied to, all in the name of parental joy.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 14.26.18

This is a great move in subliminal marketing from Dove. It’s no secret in advertising that playing on people’s emotions is a surefire way to stick in their minds, and Dove have managed to harness this whilst still going against the grain. There’s no hint of a Dove-branded face cream bottle in sight, but by the time the advert is over, you’re invested.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 14.27.30

Since the dawn of time (that may be a slight exaggeration in time scale…), Father’s Day advertisements have focused on dads playing football, drinking beer, and manning barbecues. It’s never been the norm to show men caring about their kids in the way that women are during the Mother’s Day period. Dove have thrown that out of the window, and are saying that #RealStrength is crying with happiness when you find out you’re going to be a dad, and we think that’s lovely.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 14.25.56

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 14.29.58

This Father’s Day, whether you’re gifting your pop with socks, beer, or a pair of tongs for his barbecue, let him know that you love him just as much as he loves you. It’s what Dove would want.


Meet Leigh, our new copy and social intern

Friday, June 19th, 2015

Did you spot yesterday’s blog about Dove’s tearjerker of a Father’s Day ad? Well, that was written by our lovely new intern, Leigh. She’s just finished her 2nd year of a Creative and Professional Writing degree at the University of Nottingham, and this summer will be spending a couple of days each week as our copy and social intern.

We got the lowdown on just what this Leigh person is all about. Read on!

Leigh with a real life kangaroo.

Leigh with a real life kangaroo.

Who are you, and what’s your business with Together?

I’m Leigh, and I’m interning with Together because they promised me a mug that matched the colour of my watch. Also, experience and stuff.

(Ed: And we totally delivered on the mug, by the way.)

What do you do when you’re not interning here?

When not interning, I am eating all of the food. On the rare occasions when I must stop eating food, I am doling out food to other people at Savoy Cinema.

What do you want to do when you’ve finished studying? 

I study Creative and Professional Writing, so hopefully something that allows me to write creatively and professionally. Failing that, I’ve always fancied my chances at being the face character for Belle at Disney World.

Write us a short story. Really short. You have 140 characters. 

Once upon a time, there was a girl who ate 4 pizzas in 4 days. It was totally sick & this is definitely fictional & not about me. The end.

Tell us three facts about yourself. 

1) Do you remember all of the food that I mentioned earlier? That food is then turned into words and put onto my food blog, The Nottingham Bucket List!

2) At one point in my life I was so into Sweeney Todd that I had memorised the entire film and could watch it in my head.

3) I once had an hour long argument with someone in defence of Captain America.

30 second brief! Imagine this is an ad campaign and write it some catchy lines. 


What’s that in the sky?!

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

No, it’s our incredibly low prices!

Be a hero, fly with EasyJet.

Thanks, Leigh! Keep an eye on our blog for more from our newest team member, and don’t forget to check out The Nottingham Bucket List.