Honda's ads – inspiring creative jealousy since 2004

April 2nd, 2015 / Sophie Allen

I saw Honda’s newest TV ad for the first time the other day. I then saw it about five more times and each time, I loved it.

The concept promotes the way Honda innovates and pushes boundaries. Using speed reading, which cuts out the noise of the page by flashing individual words on a screen, it invites the viewer to push what they think are the limits of their abilities – and be amazed when they manage to ‘Keep Up’.

Honda’s ad campaigns are great. Always. It’s fact. Take Choir or Cog as examples, though there are plenty of brilliant ones to choose from.

I’ve loved Honda’s ads since before I even knew I’d work in advertising, when I saw the fantastically quirky Grrr ad – or as I always knew it, ‘Hate something, change something’. Unsurprisingly, it won a bunch of prestigious advertising awards after it was launched in 2004.

It’s only now I’ve read up about Grrr that my love (and jealousy) has intensified. The whole thing started with the song, which a team of copywriters wrote after being inspired by the concept of ‘positive hate’. What I’d give to write a song that catchy.

Ads like those by W+T for Honda inspire creatives like us to try new things and really tap into our imaginations.

It makes us want to push harder, ‘keep up’ – and take over.

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One Response to “Honda's ads – inspiring creative jealousy since 2004”

  1. Nice article, the new Honda ad is impressively simple. I was surprised by how easy the message was to take in at such a high speed… and yes I was amazed I could keep up!