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Women's Aid raises awareness with interactive advertising

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

We posted recently about the effectiveness of interactive billboards, and this latest concept by Women’s Aid is one of the most powerful examples we’ve seen.

Screen shot 2015-03-06 at 15.21.56

Launched in time for International Women’s Day, the billboard shows that the best way to begin helping those who might be suffering from domestic abuse is to start paying attention.

It features the badly bruised face of a woman with the caption ‘Look at me’. As passers-by look up at the woman’s face, facial recognition technology captures their glance and the bruises slowly begin to heal in response. As more people notice the board, the bruises continue to heal.

Interactive technology is ideal for this kind of campaign; by implicating the audience in the way the advert actually works, they’re instantly drawn into the subject for which it’s raising awareness. It forces the public to consider the consequences of their actions, as the effects of their behaviour are played out as part of the ad.

In this case, each individual is encouraged to think about the impact they personally could have on someone who needs support, and further, to what extent they could be guilty of ignoring or avoiding the subject of an all too common problem.

It’s brilliant – and inspiring – to see organisations using International Women’s Day as an opportunity to truly raise awareness of such important issues. For us, advertising isn’t always about selling – sometimes, it’s just about making people think.

Womens Aid

To help support and encourage all of the great work that Women’s Aid do, simply visit

Our new client: Benefit Drinks

Monday, March 9th, 2015

Our work with FMCG makes up one of the four key business areas at Together, so after our success with brands like Cracker Drinks, Licor 43 and Pernod Ricard, we jumped at the chance to work with Benefit Drinks.

Since we first got together with Benefit we’ve supported them with their brand development, positioning, proposition and packaging design. Now their first batch has hopped off the production line we’re delighted to be able to shout our involvement from the rooftops and share our beautiful designs.DSC_3015

You’d be forgiven for not having heard of Benefit Drinks as they’re a brand new, entrepreneurial startup. The team blends 100% pure squeezed fruit juices in three delicious flavours: Prune & Apple, Carrot & Orange and Beetroot & Apple, all of which are brimming with vitamins and minerals.

In fact, just one 250ml glass of Carrot & Orange packs a serious nutritional punch – 326% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A, to be exact. Never has our usual morning glass of OJ seemed so inferior.


Going forward we’ll be developing the brand’s digital strategy, including their website and social media. If you’d like to follow them just keep an eye on our channels for details.

All of this sounding pretty delicious? Well, Benefit Drinks are now available in 250 Waitrose stores.

Pop into your local Waitrose, check out our handiwork and give it a try – be sure to let us know what you think!

Together on the move!

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Ah, 2015 has been a busy old year so far for us here at Together.

We’ve welcomed some lovely new staff (say hello to Dave, Sean and Sophie, if you haven’t already) and we’ve been cracking on with lots of exciting new business. If all that wasn’t enough, we’ve only gone and found ourselves a new home, too!

While we’ve loved every moment of our 13 years at Brightmoor Street we felt it was time for a change and a new home for our growing team. So, after a hectic few months arranging carpets, building work and the (mandatory) new Pantone mugs, on Monday 2nd March we moved into a brand new studio on Bridlesmith Gate in Nottingham.

Bridlesmith Gate is also one of the most coveted commercial areas in Nottingham, so it’s no surprise that we’ve gained some rather stylish new neighbours.

Just across the street are Hugo Boss, Nottingham’s own Paul Smith and Kurt Geiger, while we’ve heard shops like Diesel and Ted Baker are also kicking about nearby. No excuse for scruffy workwear now, eh?

We’ll be posting again next week to tell you all about our new office’s exciting features, but for now take a look at our moving video. Interesting fact: it isn’t sped up. We really do move that quickly.