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Brands and bloggers embracing video to talk Easter Treats

Monday, March 30th, 2015

With the continuing rise of video content online and reports suggesting that video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017, it comes as no surprise that brands and bloggers are embracing video channels, such as Vine and YouTube, to showcase their Easter marketing treats.  We’ve collected a few of our favourites from across the web.

Who?: Waitrose
What?: Brand
Idea: Chocolate heaven from a top chef

Waitrose and M&S are two brands that capture indulgence better than anyone – well, at least in my opinion. Here, Waitrose showcases its indulgent golden Easter egg, created by top chef Heston Blumenthal and filled with mini chocolate eggs, on their Vine account.


Who?: Niomi Smart
What?: Top UK Vlogger and Blogger
Idea: #NiomisEasterTreats

In case you haven’t heard of the UK Vlogger phenomenon, Niomi is a part of the same blogging talent agency that manage the likes of Tanya Burr, Zoella and IntheFrow. Here, Niomi gives you a step by step guide on her quick and easy (vegan-friendly) recipes for you to enjoy over Easter.


Who: National Trust and Cadbury
What: Brand
Idea: Eggsplorer

Without a doubt, this has to be two of our favourite things – a National Trust property and chocolate! For the past few years, these two power brands have teamed up to run Easter egg hunts all around the UK. You can find out more at

Well, that’s our egg-spiration sorted. We’re off to eat lots of chocolate – have a great Easter everyone.

Craft beer is booming (and the branding's pretty great, too)

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) recently gave a little nod to the bottled deliciousness that is craft beer.

They’ve acknowledged it’s an increasingly popular chap and added it to the ‘nation’s basket’, which is the collection of goodies (over 700 of them) that the ONS uses to calculate inflation.

If you’re the kind of person who immediately turns off when you hear stuff like ‘Office of National Statistics’ or ‘the economy!’ or ‘maths’, then we’ll sum it up for you: it just means enough craft beer’s being bought for the boffins in charge to take notice.

At Together we love a nice craft beer or a pint of local real ale, so its popularity is no surprise to us. We figured we’d take this opportunity to give our own nod to some of our current favourite craft beer brands – we’re pretty big on the drinks and FMCG scene, after all.

1) Brew Dog


Plucky UK duo James Watt and Martin Dickie built their brand on being ballsy and making awesome beer that they’d want to drink. Those core values have stuck around and are visible throughout their branding, from their eye-catching, no-nonsense designs and refreshingly honest tone of voice to their unapologetic approach to the press.

Their closing line on their beers page really says it all: ‘Experimentation is our Art. Revolution our weapon. Walk tall, kick ass and learn to speak craft beer.’ Preach.

2) Rogue


Rogue‘s been around since 1987, but their revolution propaganda-inspired branding is still a strong contender against comparative beer whippersnappers. Obviously their products taste great (that Mocha Porter, mmm) but equally we can’t get enough of their bold product design and proposition.

Their brand is chock full of character, rebellion and revolution against the status quo – just take a look at ‘The Rogue Way‘ – and they make some completely mad flavours. Including donut. Seriously.

3) Flying Dog


Ah, yes. Flying Dog – with ales that taste like our dreams, and bottle labels that look like our most feverish nightmares.

The eerie, illustrative style – by British cartoonist Ralph Steadman – is edgy, unusual and very slightly disturbing. When you add that to the pretty mad story of Flying Dog’s conception at the end of a super-dangerous mountain trek and the yarns about the founder’s friendship with Hunter S. Thompson, you’ve got an instantly-recognisable brand with a lot of personality.


Our new client: The Fertility Partnership

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

At Together we often use our creativity to sell, to boost awareness or to give brands a new lease of life. It’s not quite so often we get to use those same skills to comfort, reassure and inspire hope. With Fertility Partnership, though, we did.


Fertillty Partnership logo_strapline


Fertility Partnership is UK’s largest fertility group and the parent company of a group of 11 fertility clinics – ten in the UK and one in Poland. Having gone through a period of rapid acquisition over the last couple of years the Partnership wanted a much stronger identity, one that’d make partner clinics recognisable as Fertility Partnership members.

Fertility treatment is an extremely sensitive process and patients going through – or considering – treatment can feel a little vulnerable. For that reason we wanted to get as much input from both clinic staff and patients as possible, running brand workshops and focus groups to gather feedback on our ideas and see what worked for our client and their customers.

With those insights we created a new look, positioning, proposition, and a set of brand guidelines that could be rolled out across their clinics.

We’ve also worked with Nurture Fertility, a Nottingham fertility clinic and member of the Fertility Partnership, to incorporate the new brand guidelines in their advertising campaign.

We’re extremely pleased with how the work turned out, and happy in the knowledge that our work could help hopeful parents on their journey towards starting a family.

Using the eclipse to get people talking (just like we are now)

Friday, March 20th, 2015

During Friday morning’s total solar eclipse everyone was on social media sharing their delight, disappointment or general apathy.

And, if a brand had a product that was round, crescent-shaped or semi-circular, you can rest assured they were hopping on Helios’ sun chariot and riding it for all it was worth.

FMCG brands were especially active, and these are a few reactive posts we picked out. Though Oreo led the way with a full campaign based around the event, Guinness’s genius imagery has to be our favourite.


Our new client: Licor 43

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Together's been appointed to develop the global digital strategy for Licor 43, the world's fastest growing premium spirit brand.


Licor 43's stunning new packaging, part of the brand's continuing development.

Licor 43, which takes its name from its 43 natural ingredients, has been around since the early 1900s and is owned to this day by the Zamora family. Legend has it that the Licor 43 recipe is based on 'Mirabilis', a unique liqueur discovered by the Romans in Cartagena over 2000 years ago.

Since then the recipe was passed between locals before being discovered by the Zamoras – but it still remains a coveted secret. Only three members of the Zamora family know which 43 ingredients make the golden liqueur (and we don't think they're very likely to tell).

True to the Licor 43 brand we ourselves are staying mysterious. You'll find us tight-lipped about what exactly we're getting up to, but it'll involve the website, social and eCRM. Other than that, all we'll say is that we're very excited to be working with the team at Licor 43.

Watch this space for more updates. For now, take a look at the video of their new pack below.