#ThisGirlCan campaign gets positive response on social media

January 19th, 2015 / Stephanie Goodman

Look at any social media account at the moment – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – and you will see endless amounts of posts from people “getting fit” or brands showcasing toned models in flamboyant gym wear with the messaging “you can do it”.

Nike Women


I hold my hands up, I am currently pushing myself to go to the gym three times a week in a bid to be more healthy. But the truth is, for the majority of us, we don’t always want to do sport or go to the gym because of how we currently look and feel about ourselves.

Research conducted by Sport England, the people behind the #ThisGirlCan campaign, found that a large number of women refused to do exercise because they would be judged for their shape and size.

As a result of this, they created a marketing campaign that targeted all women- not just those people with abs so defined you could grate cheese on them.

When watching the video, which has now gone viral across social media and the web, I was entranced and inspired. But it seems that millions of woman have taken to social media to talk about the video and feel good factor that exercise can bring you – no matter what your shape, size or sport.

What are people saying on social?

ThisGirlCan Mentions

Using analysis through Brand Watch, it’s clear that the channel of choice for people to express their views is Twitter. Using the hashtag of #ThisGirlCan here’s what a few people had to say.

When looking into the overall sentiment surrounding the campaign, via social media and web, we can see that people are using highly emotional words like ‘Love’ and ‘Fantastic’ to express how they feel towards it. Sentiment


In my opinion, these are the types of realistic adverts that we should create for people – to inspire them to do something they love and to know that it’s ok not to be perfect.


You only have to take the 2004 Real Women campaign by Dove to know that women were reached on a personal level and became more receptive and loyal to the brand. Resulting in their sales being boosted from $2.5 billion to $4 billion (Source: News Generation).

If you ask me “real” marketing is a no-brainer.

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