Amazing Music Gig Poster Art

January 16th, 2015 / Dave Pearson

If you’ve managed to make it to the end of a gig without losing your wallet whilst crowd surfing or spending all of your money BFS_20th_anniversary_show_poster_webon (extortionately priced) beers, then the chances are that you will have come away with a little something more than great songs stuck in your head, shaky poor-quality camera-phone videos (shame on you.. watch the show) or bad memories of being stood behind the only 7ft person in the crowd …you may have taken a trip to the merchandise stand – not for yet another ill-fitting t-shirt – but for one the (ever-growing in popularity) fancy-pants gig posters.

In recent years, more and more bands have been marking their gigs and tours with premium quality prints so that fans can take them away and adorn their walls with, which, in my opinion is a far better memento of a show than your terrible badly-lit back-to-the-stage selfie could ever be. These prints are often screen-printed on high-quality paper, signed and numbered by the artist, resulting in them becoming highly collectible within both muso and art-appreciation circles and frequently ending up on eBay for ten times the price.

More often than not, the poster’s subject matter has no reference to the band or the event itself, and actually only serves as a way to showcase incredible design and artwork whilst promoting the band and the gig in a more interesting way.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on a few gig posters over the years, like this one that I created for Bowling for Soup’s 20th anniversary show last year. There’s something about working on screen-prints that I love – plus knowing that it’s likely to end up being cherished on someone’s wall is a nice thought.

The only slight down-side of these posters is that they often cost upwards of £30, but just remember you’re paying for a quality, collectible piece of artwork. If you’re still not convinced, just think that kind of money would only get you three pints at a gig these days – at least one of which you’ll end up spilling. So instead, why not treat yourself to something that will last a lifetime (or at least for as long as it’s cool to like that band).

Here’s a few of my favourite gig posters from around the world – send us yours through Twitter.

brand_new_erick montes

batlash - telegramme

Charlie_wager - Frightened Rabbit






























ATDI - Ken Taylor









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