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What have our clients been up to in January?

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

It’s been a busy January for our clients, from new product launches to receiving awards; here we give a monthly round up of what they have been getting up to across print, social media and online.

National Trust Embraced Winter Reflections

Along with a series of online ads and radio campaigns, focusing on reflections, National Trust were encouraging followers on their @NTMidlands account to share their favourite winter reflection photos. Isn’t this one amazing!


Skinny Cracker Launched in Tesco Stores

One of our shiny new social media clients for 2015 – Cracker Drinks, launched their new range of chilled fruit Juices in Tesco stores nationwide.

If you haven’t seen them already, they have 3 flavours to choose from – pressed lemonade, Blueberry and Blackcurrant and Pineapple, Coconut and Lime. The Together verdict? We love them all!

Untitled design (3)

Ecotricity are voted the best energy supplier of 2015

First of all, we’d like to say a huge congratulations to the team over at Ecotricty for being voted the top energy supplier for customer satisfaction in 2015 (Which?).

Not only have we been working with Ecotricty for over 5 years on marketing strategy and campaigns – but the whole of the Together office is powered by their green energy.

A big welcome to Sean, our senior graphic designer!

Monday, January 26th, 2015

We’re very excited to welcome Sean, our brand new senior designer, to Together!


Sean’s now the chap in charge of leading graphic design within our creative team. He’ll be working with Dave and Ady to develop exciting ideas and eye-poppingly brilliant design.

Given that Sean doesn’t really like talking about himself – he’s modest, this guy – and that he’s already always busy, we’ve prepared some hard-hitting questions to help us discover the man behind the Mac.

Learn is from viagra generic alternatives a trained instructor certified by the national. Suspicious would like early warning system sildenafil 500 mg to identify such problems in the back of the house. dugard who was the department of law sildenafil bulk enforcement.

Let’s start with the important stuff. Favourite biscuit?
Fox’s Crunch Cream.

And drink?
Jack Daniels & Coke. On ice.

Show us an ad that really rocks.
Honda – The Cog. It really is cool as hell.

Football – yes or no?
Yes! My team’s Blackburn Rovers. I have no idea why – probably because my whole family are Manchester United supporters and I just wanted to be different. I also seem to remember something about their kit being really cool…

If you could have a beer with any person, past or present, it would be…
Santa. Wait, no! Jimi Hendrix.

Tell which song makes you want to rock around the clock.
Hendrix, Purple Haze.

What one thing could you really not live without?

 Which band can you not stop listening to right now?
Biffy Clyro. I’ve liked them since the early days and they’ve changed a lot, but they’re still great.

Favourite film?
Goodfellas. Shawshank Redemption is a close second, though – it’s probably one of the best films of all time.

And finally…

What would you call this strange, wrinkly dog?


Ha. Er… Kenneth.


Phew. Well, that was fun, and I’m pretty sure we all know our senior designer a little better now.

Welcome to the team, Sean!


#ThisGirlCan campaign gets positive response on social media

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Look at any social media account at the moment – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – and you will see endless amounts of posts from people “getting fit” or brands showcasing toned models in flamboyant gym wear with the messaging “you can do it”.

Nike Women


I hold my hands up, I am currently pushing myself to go to the gym three times a week in a bid to be more healthy. But the truth is, for the majority of us, we don’t always want to do sport or go to the gym because of how we currently look and feel about ourselves.

Research conducted by Sport England, the people behind the #ThisGirlCan campaign, found that a large number of women refused to do exercise because they would be judged for their shape and size.

As a result of this, they created a marketing campaign that targeted all women- not just those people with abs so defined you could grate cheese on them.

When watching the video, which has now gone viral across social media and the web, I was entranced and inspired. But it seems that millions of woman have taken to social media to talk about the video and feel good factor that exercise can bring you – no matter what your shape, size or sport.

What are people saying on social?

ThisGirlCan Mentions

Using analysis through Brand Watch, it’s clear that the channel of choice for people to express their views is Twitter. Using the hashtag of #ThisGirlCan here’s what a few people had to say.

When looking into the overall sentiment surrounding the campaign, via social media and web, we can see that people are using highly emotional words like ‘Love’ and ‘Fantastic’ to express how they feel towards it. Sentiment


In my opinion, these are the types of realistic adverts that we should create for people – to inspire them to do something they love and to know that it’s ok not to be perfect.


You only have to take the 2004 Real Women campaign by Dove to know that women were reached on a personal level and became more receptive and loyal to the brand. Resulting in their sales being boosted from $2.5 billion to $4 billion (Source: News Generation).

If you ask me “real” marketing is a no-brainer.

Amazing Music Gig Poster Art

Friday, January 16th, 2015

If you’ve managed to make it to the end of a gig without losing your wallet whilst crowd surfing or spending all of your money BFS_20th_anniversary_show_poster_webon (extortionately priced) beers, then the chances are that you will have come away with a little something more than great songs stuck in your head, shaky poor-quality camera-phone videos (shame on you.. watch the show) or bad memories of being stood behind the only 7ft person in the crowd …you may have taken a trip to the merchandise stand – not for yet another ill-fitting t-shirt – but for one the (ever-growing in popularity) fancy-pants gig posters.

In recent years, more and more bands have been marking their gigs and tours with premium quality prints so that fans can take them away and adorn their walls with, which, in my opinion is a far better memento of a show than your terrible badly-lit back-to-the-stage selfie could ever be. These prints are often screen-printed on high-quality paper, signed and numbered by the artist, resulting in them becoming highly collectible within both muso and art-appreciation circles and frequently ending up on eBay for ten times the price.

More often than not, the poster’s subject matter has no reference to the band or the event itself, and actually only serves as a way to showcase incredible design and artwork whilst promoting the band and the gig in a more interesting way.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on a few gig posters over the years, like this one that I created for Bowling for Soup’s 20th anniversary show last year. There’s something about working on screen-prints that I love – plus knowing that it’s likely to end up being cherished on someone’s wall is a nice thought.

The only slight down-side of these posters is that they often cost upwards of £30, but just remember you’re paying for a quality, collectible piece of artwork. If you’re still not convinced, just think that kind of money would only get you three pints at a gig these days – at least one of which you’ll end up spilling. So instead, why not treat yourself to something that will last a lifetime (or at least for as long as it’s cool to like that band).

Here’s a few of my favourite gig posters from around the world – send us yours through Twitter.

brand_new_erick montes

batlash - telegramme

Charlie_wager - Frightened Rabbit






























ATDI - Ken Taylor









Clever ads to beat the sniffles

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

It’s the second working week of January, Christmas is well and truly over and the Together team is suffering with coughs, sniffles and shivers.

But fear not – we’re a big ‘ol bunch of troopers here at Together and we’re not letting it slow us down. There’s nothing a large cup of tea can’t fix, and as I unpacked my poorly day survival kit (multiple packs of tissues, cough sweets and lots of water) it actually got me thinking about my favourite cold remedy-pushing ads.

The challenge brands face, should they choose to accept it, is to get across the general ickiness of colds without grossing out the audience. It’s a tough one, but a couple of brands absolutely nail it while also managing to effectively showcase the sweet, sweet relief their meds can offer. First, let’s talk Benylin.


Benylin (2014)

This year’s Benylin advert treats a nasty cough with adorable quirkiness. As bewildered looking test subjects are subjected to a variety of mad experiments – including being pummelled by a sumo wrestler – the expert team of course proves only Benylin will do the job.

I love the strapline ‘Treating the nation one cough at a time’. It fits perfectly with the concept and positions Benylin as the nation’s saviour, as they embark on an epic mission to treat every last one of us. Paired with the final scene it also has a personal, caring edge.

It’s a relief, too, that they’ve ditched that grim little gremlin. It used to seriously creep me out, no matter how clever the ‘Get it off your chest’ wordplay.


Sudafed (2011 & 2014)

As soon as I thought of the idea for this post it was the 2011 Sudafed ad that came straight to mind.

With a brilliant play on the phrase ‘feeling woolly-headed’, ad agency JWT London teamed up with textile artist and serial yarn bomber Magda Sayeg to create a stop-motion, yarn-based ad.

The concept is fantastically clever and perfectly combats the inherent grossness of colds by portraying it with a creative and cuddly medium. I mean, a bunged-up cross-section of a human head has never been so cute.

Sudafed has been at it again this year, with an advert featuring animation by Bristol-based geniuses Aardman.

I’m a massive Aardman fan and, in my opinion, pretty much everything they touch turns to gold.  In fact, this isn’t the first time Aardman has worked with the Sudafed brand.

The concept itself is hardly ground-breaking, particularly compared to the previous ads, but the visuals are fantastic. The audience really knows that horrid, heavy-headed feeling that Aardman makes literal here, and the ‘after’ shot superbly emphasises the difference Sudafed could make.

Now, time to grab my nearest box of tissues, take a swig of water and face the world. Get well soon to anyone else struggling with post-Christmas poorliness!