A chat with our talented creative intern, Owen

October 23rd, 2014 / Sophie Allen

The brilliant Owen Hudson has interned with us several times, and we’re big fans of his style. Here, he talks to us about his work, his life, and his plans for the future.

Who am I?

I am a fresh-faced Creative Advertising graduate from Edge Hill University with a passion for adventure, discovery and all things intriguing. I am 21 and currently living in my native Nottingham, gaining experience at Together Agency in my free time, between part-time lifeguarding and general gallivanting around the country.

My degree

After two years of struggling to pluck a career path out of the plethora of choices, I chose the ‘Creative Advertising’ course at my University ‘up north’. When choosing what to study, the decision seems like it’s the be-all and end-all of your entire life, but I realise now that it’s not. Having said this, 3 years, a wealth of experience and a crisp new degree later, I’m pretty glad I chose it in the end.
I initially became intrigued by the world of advertising when studying HBO’s TrueBlood series launch campaign as a case study in Media Studies. It taught me that in advertising and marketing, elements such as design, strategy and psychology marry quite nicely, and indeed are all integral to the overall power of a campaign. All of these elements were areas that fascinated me individually, but when combined, they led me to my overarching interest in advertising.

Some of Owen’s work – concept, branding and packaging design for a new soft drink:




My work

My work can involve the whole design process from conceptual thinking and idea generation through to pitching and production. My favourite stage, though, is the process of design. I find myself thinking visually more often than not, imagining things beyond reality and thinking of ways to make functional yet appealing designs. Growing up I was fascinated by street art and its vibrancy, and I now find inspiration in in many other environments as well. When we think about it, any man-made object had to be imagined or repurposed before we see it as it is today. Everything around us that serves purpose, inspires emotions and influences each and every one of us is someone’s legacy. I like this notion, and it is what motivates me to play my part and create my own legacy.

My main inspirations

Street art, surrealism, geometry, myths and legends influence a lot of my personal work, which occasionally spills over into my professional work. I make moodboards via Pinterest, which is a great platform to discover new influences, though often I simply scribble down my brimming mindful of ideas on paper.

Individuals such as: M.C. Escher, Leo Burnett (HumanKind), Mr Penfold, Greg Coulton, Kid 30 and Malcolm Gladwell are all individuals whose work has inspired me significantly – I really am your proverbial sponge for inspiration. One particular individual, John Foxx from Ultravoxx, gave us a poignant and extremely relevant speech at my graduation about our futures and our potentials as graduates in today’s current climate. He also touched on our responsibilities as influencers of media and contributors to the discourse of tomorrow. I didn’t expect to see him at my graduation, but his unexpected words were beautifully articulated to a point that it hit a nerve with most of the graduates that day.

I find that sometimes, the vast array of designers and designs I see end up subconsciously influencing my work in different ways. Ultimately, though, designs are nurtured from what suits the brand and the purpose or the tone of voice. These aspects are what really have the overarching impact on the final design.

More of Owen’s work – concepts for Fanta with added vitamin C:



Highlight of university

Aside from the obvious – new mates, independence, travelling the country, graduation day and the other social aspects of university, one academic highlight I could pick out would have to be the ‘Live Briefs’ module. The module took our course group across the country visiting agencies, completing live briefs and carrying out work experience at placements of our own choosing. It encouraged a healthy yet competitive environment but, more than anything, affirmed for me that I had made the right career choice. I loved working within each individual agency, and hope to continue my professional experiences with further placements like these.

Aims & dreams

I’d like to have the opportunity to carry on developing and exploring my own creative style, and to see the many sights and wonders this world has to offer. I’ve got lots of progress to make, which is something that excites me – I’m still an unwritten book. Aside from landing my first permanent industry job, I’d love to invent something that made an impact on the futures of everyday people, and create the something that will be my legacy to leave. I have no idea what that would be yet, but I aspire to create something that will genuinely make a difference. To do so, it helps to be blessed either with extraordinary talent, or just a little bit of luck –either of which should be aspired to by everyone!

You can see more of Owen’s work on Behance.

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