Everyone's missing the point of the Twitter profile redesign

April 8th, 2014 / Together

Twitter has just announced a new profile page layout:



They’ve been testing a few different layouts on selected accounts over the last few weeks, and it looks like this is the winner.

It’s been less than an hour, but one very strong opinion is already emerging:



But we think everyone’s missed the most interesting thing about the announcement – the new features:



It’s a great idea to instantly flag up popular tweets. It’s really useful to be able to pin a tweet to the top of your profile. And it’s downright amazing that you can now easily filter out replies. Celebrity and big brand accounts have had “All tweets / No replies” for aeons, but the rest of us have had to do without until now.

Why is this important?

It means your feed is all content. When you click on someone’s username, you see their last two tweets, and that’s all you have to go on when you’re deciding whether to follow them. If those last two tweets are funny or interesting content, you’ll probably follow. If those two tweets are conversational replies to someone else, you’re more than likely not going to bother, because you haven’t been given a clear indication of what they tweet about.

Our social media copywriter, Holly, actually deletes her replies after 24 hours to keep her feed as content-rich as possible (and with 5,800 followers, we’re not going to argue with her methods) – now she won’t have to.

In short, we’re all for the new design – but perhaps don’t try it for a couple of days. Because for now, it’s just a torrent of:

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